Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decisions! Decisions!

I was a member of the Board of Education and I was apart of the group that had to really make sure that we chose the most prepared group that was ready to respond to any situation we may have handed them.  We listened to the three groups debate and had them prepare questions for one another to battle out to see which sports/skills would be most suitable/important for the students.  I thought that the individual skills group did a very good job because I feel that every student should learn the fundamentals of where it all begins in stead of jumping right into a sport.  Everyone should be exposed to different environments and learn how to adapt to different tasks.  As the debate was being broadcasted live I saw numerous people tweeting in response to our debate.  Some of the responses/questions they asked really helped us as the Board of Ed members to decide which presentation would help our students further their physically active life because at our school this is only the beginning.  The final decision made was to the lifetime sports/skills and locomotor skills groups. We as the Board of Ed felt that both groups did a really nice job presenting their arguments and had good points to prove that their group was very important to the wellbeing of the students.  We felt that these groups could collaborate together and create a way that they will work together to incorporate both aspects of these skills.  I would also like to thank the Sticks and Sports group because even though we did not choose them I felt that they still did put up good points and we could possibly use their games in the future.   Watch the debate now!
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