Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Learning Through The Physical

After reading chapter one I have received a better understanding of what "learning through the physical" means and how physical activity impacts affective growth.  According to
Developmental Physical Education for All Children by David L. Gallahue and Frances C. Donnelly the learning-through-movement aim of physical education is based on the fact that effective physical education can positively influence both the cognitive and affective development of children.  Cognitive learning is demonstrated by skills through comprehending information, organizing ideas, and evaluating actions.  Physical activity impacts affective growth through the movement experiences and patterns that children engage in.  Affective learning is demonstrated by behaviors indicating attitudes of awareness, interest, attention, concern and ability to listen and respond to others.  It is also a social-emotional development.  When children understand that they can control themselves that is when their is an enhanced sense of self and affective growth.


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