Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cupids Path to Valentines

I have to admit I was pretty nervous walking into Saint Mary's because I never had the opportunity to practice teaching my game during our lab because we did not have enough time.  I practiced saying my instructions out loud to myself, peers, and on the phone with my family to get all the stutters out.  Even though I practiced I was still nervous to teach the students.  I called everyone in and most were hesitant to listen at first because they wanted to go on the other side of the gym to do whatever they wanted because Dave's game did not run as smoothly as we all would have hoped.  I assured them that my game would be just as fun as their's and we can even play their game after.  I explained how we were going to weave in and out of the obstacles in Cupid's path to collect our Valentines Day hearts.  I asked Suzy to help me demonstrate the game so everyone can understand.  I had everyone give me a thumbs up to show that they are ready to start.  I separated the students into two groups and had them work on their individual skills on my cue to either hop, skip, or gallop.  All of the students seemed pretty interested in my game and were laughing and having fun.  One student in my group did not know how to skip so I taught him; he caught on pretty quick.  I was proud of myself because my directions and the tone of my voice had the students intrigued, quiet, and willing to follow instructions.  I spoke loud and confident over the music playing and I proved to myself that I am able to do this without second guessing.  Once the game was complete everyone came together and was willing to pay attention to Ryan's game.  We all participated together in skipping, hopping, running, walking, and galloping while the music was playing and when it stopped we all had to get into a hoop with someone else and ask "Will you be my friend?" and shake hands.  It was a good ice breaker activity for those who may not know each other and it could also be used for an opening activity.  I was proud of myself and my group members for working together and making our gym games as fun as we possibly could.  We learned from our mistakes and we now know what we individually need to fix and how to help each other with any errors we may have picked up on.  After we followed the students we were assigned to for the day down to the cafeteria for some snacks.  We all sat together and talked about our favorite animals and how fun the game Mouse Trap is.  We then moved over to the next table and played Seven Up.  We basically had to have our heads down on a table with our thumbs up and those who are "it" go around and push the thumbs down of seven people.  Then those who had there thumbs pushed down had to guess who touched them.  My thumb was never pressed down so I was kind of disappointed but it was just one game.  Then we moved upstairs to go out side and play on the playground for a bit.  I played "Birds" with a few girls.  We had to collect some sticks, leaves, and rocks and cook them so that they would be good enough for the baby birds.  We had specific areas for where the kitchen, living room, and bedroom goes for them. Then I had the girls join me with a few other students and play no tag back tag.  We ran around just tagging some students even if they weren't playing to get them to join in and most of them did.  Then we moved back into the gym and played with everyone whether it was basketball, jump rope, or hand ball which is a combination of basketball/soccer.  More and more students/TA's joined in on the hand ball game and it was a big competition.  One of the Saint Mary's students on the other team asked me "Do you have game?!" and I responded yes and he takes the ball and shoots in the basket and scores.  I did not know how to respond to that because I was clearly "owned" as he said.  I played in that game for the remainder of the time at St Mary's until one of our  final activities for the day which was Aerobic Walk Tag.  Then we all sang/danced to "Were Going To Have A Party" and concluded with a Saint Mary's Cheer.  The day was a success and I am eager to go back next time to bring new games to the table for the students!
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