Monday, February 20, 2012

Is This A Hall Of Shame Game? Simon Says NO!

The ever so famous Simon Says has been considered to be under the PE Hall Of Shame Games.  Personally if you adapt the game to be more physically active it can be just as effective as any tag or game with physical activity.  No you may not need a B.S. in PE but having that backround will enable you to incorporate locomotor movements into the activity.  I can remember playing this game in elementary/middle school but we did not incorporate these movements so everyone was stationary and would complain to play tag or kickball.  If I were the instructor I would say Simon Says Squat and sing the national anthem the students will be having to use multiple parts of their brain to perform both activities.  I could have the students lead the class by using only skip, run, hop, horizontal jump, gallop, leap, and fast walk.  This activity can be very effective for the students.  You could even have the students solve riddles because it really makes the students think and concentrate.  If you want to make it even more challenging you can incorporate topics that are being discussed in the classroom such as name the Presidents or solve a multiplication problem.  There are many modifications that you can do to this game to make it more challenging for the students but it will also be fun!

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