Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crocodile Tag!

Monday was such a gorgeous day and what better way to spend the day than at St. Mary's.  As soon as we got there we had to observe the different levels of skill amongst the kindergartner's and first graders.  I was extremely impressed with the skill levels of the students.  Any way today my group and I worked with the pre-kindergartner's.  We went outside to their playground and interacted with the students.  Three young girls wanted to play tag with me and they were very good.  They refrained from telling me all the rules because apparently every fence, chair, and tree were "base".
 I had them join me on the bars and they wanted to play a climbing tag which I modified so it wasn't as dangerous.  I had two crocodiles starting in the middle of the circle and every body else moving around the bars.  You could only be off of the bars for five seconds then you had to get back on.  The students loved the game so much it had gained attention of other students that joined.  Before I knew it there was about six students playing the game with me and the game even attracted Dave to join in too.  Next we went inside where the students had a snack break and story time.  While this was going down I was setting up mine/Ryan's game.  His game went well although it was not a game that involved dribbling/kicking which were the two skills that were being assessed.  I decided to have the young students focus on dribbling and if they lose their dribble they would shoot the ball.  The young students did not find the game interesting at all so then I had them just freely dribble/pass with one of us college students which they seemed to enjoy.
 Before I knew it the day was almost over and we were told to clean up and get ready for the last game/song/cheer.  Everyone had a good time playing Toilet Tag especially when they got to flush someone's toilet.  I cannot believe how much I have grown at St. Mary's and I am not shy to run around a break a sweat.  I was tired at the end of the day and I think that that is important to work hard in every activity and be involved because it is boring standing on the side just blowing a whistle or shouting go as a cue to begin.
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