Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Want To Be An Astronaut! Huh?

Monday was our last time going to St. Mary's and I really couldn't believe how fast the semester went.  We first opened up playing with the students using the giant parachute.  We played games like making chicken noodle soup, sharks and life guards, and moved around the parachute depending on what color we were holding.  There are so many different games that you can play by just using the parachute and the students will be fully engaged.  It is a great warm up activity to get the students moving.  For the remainder of the day I worked with the pre-kindergartner's again for the second week in a row.  I went into there classroom and played with a few girls and boys in their play area.  They wanted to play house and they cooked me up a fruit salad.  Then I had them join me to color and they had me draw the different students in the classroom.  One of the girls loved the picture so much she wanted to keep it because she said "I was a natural artist."

 Then I read the students a book called "I Want To Be An Astronaut."  The book was a very short story with a lot of pictures.  Although the students did not respect me while I was reading the story.  Every sentence I read they all in unison would say "Huh!?" I smiled twice and then told the students to pay attention and to be quiet but they continued to do it every page for the remainder of the story.  After I went into the gymnasium and played with the students in builders and bulldozers.  I had a student that wanted to play with me individually so we were having a pass.  Then she wanted to pass to me off the wall and try and catch it.  I was impressed with her ability although the ball slipped between her hands a few times.  Then she wanted to carry her ice cream cone around the area.  We both tried to pass the ball from cone to cone because we did not want to get sand on our ice cream.  The day went by so quick and before I knew it it was the final activity of the day.  One young student wanted to be my partner for the activity so we ran around and tried to grab their flag that was attached to the other teams belts.  He was more successful than me!  I had a blast at St. Mary's and would do the semester all over again.  It has been such a beneficial learning experience and it was fun at the same time.  Thanks again St. Mary's School!
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